Alumni - The Heights School
Welcome, Alumni! "Crescite" (verb) grow, be fruitful!


The Heights Alumni program is built on four pillars: professional, athletic, spiritual, and social. These pillars recognize the diverse needs and interests of our alumni and provide a variety or ways to connect, reconnect, grow, and lead the way for current students.

As a graduate of The Heights, you gain access to an expansive network of +1,300 alumni and nearly fifty-years of parents who share your values and commitment to professional excellence. Under the Professional pillar, graduates at every professional level can participate in a variety of activities to expand their professional relationships and enhance their professional opportunities. Specifically, we host:

Dad/Grad Dinners: Join alumni and fathers of current and former students for dinner and drinks in The Heights living room. This is a great opportunity to socialize and network with new and old friends in a casual environment. These also include a speaker, usually a current parent or alum

Dates for 2016-17: October 13th, November 10th, December 1st, January 12th , February 9th, March 9th

Professional Development Events:  We will be organizing: mock interviews, graduate school and advanced degree sessions, and more.

 Heights Lecture Series: Talks given throughout the school year by faculty and friends of the school on a variety of topics including educating your children and spiritual growth.

Dates for 2016-17: September 17th , October 22nd, November 12th, January 21st , February 25th, March 11th, and April 1st. These events are open to all alumni.

In true Heights spirit, the Alumni Association, has a great appreciation for any opportunity to come together and enjoy each others company. For some Alumni, it has been years since their last connection with the School or fellow alumni. For others, it’s as recent as the last event. Which ever the case, we want to provide all alumni the chance to share old memories, renew friendships, and remind them that the same spirit they remember from their days at the School continues!

Here is a list of the social events we currently support in addition to the 2 major school events, The Fall Garden Party and the Maryland Gala, which all alumni are welcome to attend:

Class Reunions: We encourage every class to organize reunions on a regular basis. For classes celebrating their 5th, 10th, 15th , 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, or 40th reunions, we want to play a role in helping plan these special celebrations. Contact the Alumni Director to organize a reunion for your class.

2016 Alumni Weekend (Oct. 7-10)– our biggest alumni event of the year!  Join us for a weekend filled with all things Heights. All alumni are invited to the School for a Mass for deceased alumni and a reunion dinner. This is a great opportunity for alumni to hear the latest news from the School.

View the full schedule and RSVP here.

20 Year Men’s Chorus Celebration (May 19-20 2017)– Join us to celebrate 20 years of a’cappella music with Dr. Kevin Strother at The Heights. RSVP here. Sponsorship Opportunities will be available. Contact Dr. Strother or Jimmy Callahan with questions.

Friday night 7-9 cocktail party in Chesterton Hall with Families
Sat. Rehearsal from 930-1 with light lunch
Sat. Night Concert 8pm with reception to follow (7pm call)

Alumni Athletics aims to bring Heights men together to play the sports they enjoyed as students. The hope is to strengthen and expand friendships through the solidarity of sports and competition. We believe games played at The Heights can develop new and old friendships and expand individuals’ athletic qualities such as hard work, determination, and persistence.  In any case, you need the exercise. Here are some of the sports events that we offer:

Golf Classic: The Heights Golf Classic is played on Columbus Day at Worthington Manor Golf Course. It is a great way for parents, current students, faculty, and alumni to get together, have fun, and support the school.

Click here for more information on the 2016 Heights Golf Classic.

Fall Sports Tournament: The Fall Sports Tournament is  played the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Teams play soccer and flag football games. Click here to RSVP

Basketball League: The basketball league includes Heights’ alumni, dads and faculty. The league has grown tremendously since its inaugural season in 2008. At the beginning of the season a draft takes place to divide the players into teams. Each team plays an eight-game season followed by playoffs. There is both a spring and summer league. Contact the alumni director if you would like more info.

Alumni-Varsity Lacrosse Game: This annual tradition brings current and former Heights players together for a challenging and physical competition. For the first half, alumni take on the current varsity team. In the second half, the alumni and current teams are mixed and the odd years take on the even years.

Alumni-Varsity Rugby Game: Whether you played rugby at the Heights, learned in college, or would like to learn come out to take on the  Heights Rugby team. Bring your family for the games and cookout afterwards!

Alumni Soccer Game is October 8th at 10 a.m.

Sports Team Reunions-: Get together and relive your Cavalier Days. Includes a varsity game, halftime recognition of a legendary Heights team, and hang out afterwards. All previous Varsity athletes and their families are invited to attend. See the Alumni calendar for your sport’s event.

The same spiritual resources that were available to you as a student at The heights are available to you as a graduate. Formation and spiritual development is a life-long process. Here are the highlights of the available opportunities to deepen your faith and strengthen your character:

Evening of Recollections: Evening of Recollections are wonderful opportunities to develop one’s spiritual life through meditation, confession and prayer. Local opportunities include The Heights (3rd Saturday of the month 8:15 AM with Holy Mass and 2nd Wednesday of the month 5:30 PM), the Tenley Study Center, the Catholic Information Center, and the Reston Study Center.

Daily Mass at School: Alumni, family and friends are always welcome to attend daily mass at 9:50 am in the Chapel during the school year.

Reconciliation: Confession is available at the Heights on regular school days from 8AM to 8:20AM, after Mass, and from 3PM-3:30PM.

Retreats: Retreats are wonderful opportunities to develop one’s spiritual life during a weekend (or day) of meditations, circles, recollections, adoration, confession and prayer. If interested check out the Longlea Conference Center.