Named Funds & Endowments

Named gift opportunities are available for donors of $50,000 and above who would like to support specific growth areas of the School. Below is a list of named gifts and an explanation of how they are used to support men fully alive.


Robert A. Best Memorial Scholarship Fund

A loyal friend of The Heights School from the beginning, Mr. Robert A. Best was instrumental in founding the first educational programs of the original “Heights Study Center” in Northwest D.C. A gift of $200,000 from the estate of Mr. Best makes possible the Robert A. Best Memorial Scholarship Fund which provides deserving boys with little financial means an opportunity to attend the School

Peter Vincent Galahad Blatty Scholarship Fund

Julie and Bill Blatty, parents of Peter ’05 and Paul ’07, have honored their son Peter’s memory by endowing three full scholarships to the upper school. Their endowment, which they continue to expand, is enabling young men with the necessary qualifications to take advantage of a Heights education.

Cavalier Scholarship Fund

A full four-year upper school scholarship, endowed by alumni parents who wish to remain anonymous, continues to enable the School to attract qualified African American young men who otherwise would not be able to take advantage of a Heights education.

Headmaster’s Fund for Faculty

The Headmaster’s Fund for Faculty was established in recognition of the key role that the teachers play in the lives of the students at The Heights. Specifically, the Fund gives headmaster Alvaro de Vicente, and future headmasters, the ability to help maintain and professionally develop an outstanding faculty of educators. Like the Crescite Fund, The Headmaster’s Fund for Faculty provides crucial support for the School’s mission.

Lieutenant Colonel John F. Hillen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Lieutenant Colonel John F. Hillen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund is an endowed scholarship named in memory of Lieutenant Colonel John F. Hillen, Jr., who was a highly decorated Army officer, Army Ranger and Green Beret, who served two tours in Vietnam. Later, in pursuing his scholarly interests, he became an expert adviser on Middle East policy. A humorous poem he wrote for his wife, “A Teacher’s Prayer,” is widely quoted and appreciated by teachers, students, and parents alike. The Fund was started in 2012 with a leadership gift by his son and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. John F. Hillen, III, to enable qualified young men from military families to attend The Heights. The scholarship represents a particularly meaningful way for the Hillen family to honor Colonel Hillen as a leader of great character in the service of his country. Colonel John F. Hillen, Jr. exemplified the virtues that The Heights strives to help its students develop.

St. Joseph Fund

A campus conducive to learning is one of the greatest assets of The Heights. To ensure that future students will have the classrooms, athletic facilities, and outdoor environment necessary to support educational excellence, an endowment gift was received in 2012 from the parents of an alumnus who wish to remain anonymous. Named the St. Joseph Fund, the endowment’s future earnings will help to make possible the capital improvements necessary for consistent maintenance and good stewardship of our 20-acre campus. Others are welcome to join in making gifts to endow the St. Joseph Fund.

O’Keefe-Gidley Faculty Development Fund

Bridget and Mark Gidley, parents of Jack ’11 and Ned ’14, chose to start a family fund named to honor their own parents. The O’Keefe-Gidley Faculty Development Fund will help support faculty compensation and professional development. Over time, the Gidleys will fund the endowment so that The Heights can remain competitive in attracting and retaining the highest caliber of teachers.

O’Keefe-Gidley Debate Fund

In addition to their continuing support of the faculty, Bridget and Mark Gidley have pledged continuing support to The Heights School debate team via the O’Keefe-Gidley Debate Fund. This fund is intended to ensure that future Heights debaters have the support they need to continue at a high level.

Punaro Family Scholarship Fund

In the fall of 2013, Jan and Arnold Punaro, parents of alumnus Daniel ’04, expressed their desire to make a special gift to The Heights School in gratitude for the education their son received. After discussions with Headmaster Alvaro de Vicente and Chief Financial Officer Phil McGovern, Jan and Arnold established the Punaro Family Scholarship Fund to assist with student scholarships. In particular, their gift helps make it possible for minority students, who may not have the financial means, to attend The Heights and to take full advantage of the education offered.

Scholarship & Financial Aid Fund

Scholarships are a vital means of making The Heights School accessible to the widest reaches of our community. Through generous gifts to The Scholarship & Financial Aid Fund greater numbers of students are able to take advantage of a Heights education.

Teacher Education Endowment Fund

The Teacher Education Endowment Fund was launched in 2017 by Sherry and Paul Denis (Gordon ’14, Ian ’17). The purpose of the Fund is to provide education, training, and development (e.g., summer enrichment programs, additional education in a field related to current or expected subjects taught, conferences, etc.) for the faculty of The Heights. Fostering an environment of continual learning, the Fund gives the Headmaster the ability to strengthen and lift the overall academic tenor of the School.

The Fund is to be administered by the Board of Directors of The Heights School as an endowed fund, in which available funds for spending shall be determined each year by the Headmaster in accordance with the terms of the Fund’s Gift Agreement, subject to the Board’s supervision.

Now that the Fund is seeded with the Denis’ gift, it is open to accept other contributions of any size from like-minded supporters of the faculty for their continued development. For more information about the Teacher Education Endowment Fund please contact Phil McGovern, CFO, by phone at 301.365.0227 x. 119 or by email at

The Class of 2009 Scholarship

Members of the Class of 2009 have established a need-based, four-year scholarship fund to provide deserving young men from the Tenley Achievement Program an opportunity to attend The Heights. The first scholarship will be awarded for September 2019 and coincide with the start of the School’s 50th Anniversary. Click here for more information or to support the scholarship.

The Class of 2006 Headmaster’s Endowment Fund

The Class of 2006 have established an endowed fund which provides the Headmaster with funds from the generated annual interest to use as he sees fit, but prioritizing faculty and student needs. Click here for more information or to support the fund.

Donate to the Crescite Fund

Click here to make a gift to the Crescite Fund today.


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