Student Life


Camaraderie and Competition within the School

Thud, Bull in the Ring, the Valley of Trials, Capture the Flag, the Competition of the Bard.  All are elements of the rich and exciting tradition at The Heights known as the Clans of the Crest.

The School is divided (boys, faculty, and staff) into four clans. These clans strengthen Heights enthusiasm and pride, give a strong sense of belonging to a tradition and family, and encourage leadership.

The clan names are taken from the four elements of the School crest, each with a motto connected to the ideals that complete a Heights man:

How do the clans compete?  6 days of the year, the Heights community puts classwork on hold, and rallies to the flag of their clan for Festival Days that include Holy Mass, competitions, a worthy meal, and spirited games such as those listed above, and more.  These days provide avenues for boys to test their mettle–you don’t know what you are made of until you are standing alone in the Thud ring across from 6 opponents!  You don’t know whether you have what it takes until you are on the rope, making your way across the Pit of Despair with three eager contestants behind you hoping that you fail.

Each Festival Day marks a feast of the Catholic Church and, indeed, the concept of the ​festival​ is itself rooted in our tradition.  Centuries ago, great feast days were marked by prayer, feasting, poetry, and athletic competition.  That spirit lives on at The Heights.