The Heights | Drama


Drama is unique because it brings together into one creation not only the various art forms (visual, musical, verbal, kinetic), but also because it brings into one experience the different skills and virtues that a good education strives to provide. Performing a play requires and encourages teamwork, initiative, development of mind and body, language skills, oral skills, confidence, and respect for others. And to top it all off, theater is fundamentally fun.

Our drama program here at the Heights is an exciting and steadily expanding element of school culture. In the past two years drama has moved from being an after hours club to being a curricular elective class for the high school, which allows students to earn class credit for the energy and effort they put into bringing our theater productions to fruition. Making drama a part of our curriculum also allows a wider range of students to participate in our shows, particularly our athletes and those committed to other daily after school programs. We have also added an award for drama to our Cavalier awards, one of the highest honors a Heights man can earn. Further, in the 2014-2015 school year we instituted a lower school play as an annual project, to encourage and develop the skills of our younger performers as well. These moves are all marks of the Heights’ commitment to establishing the arts as a fundamental element of our culture.

Our high school actors perform in a fall revue and a full production in the spring, as well as opportunities for individual performance at the Thomas More Nights for Artists and various school events. Recent productions include Shakespeare’s Star Wars, Combat of the Masks, The Social Network, and Agatha Christie’s Then There Were None.