Summer Assignments

Latin 400-500 Summer Assignment 2024

For all students of Latin 400-500 level courses

One cornerstone of language learning is building your vocabulary. The summer provides a unique opportunity to use one of the greatest ingredients in expanding your vocabulary: time. For all upper-level Latin classes ( i.e. Intermediate and all Advanced Latin classes), Mr. Babendreier, Mr. Cox and Mr. Mehigan want their students to have mastered — or at least to have begun mastering — the 1000 most common words in Latin literature. [Click on the link in the previous sentence to obtain the list.]

To this end, your only summer assignment is to make notecards for yourself to practice. One side should have the Latin lexical (or dictionary) entry; and the flip side should have the English meaning(s).

Verbs must have all four principal parts (or fewer if the verb is deponent or “defective”).

Nouns must include the full lexical form, i.e. the Nominative Singular, Genitive Singular, and gender.

Adjectives should include their Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter forms in the Nominative Singular (or, for 3rd declension adjectives of one termination, the Nominative and Genitive Singular, and gender).

For the remaining parts of speech, simply write the Latin word on one side, and the English meaning(s) on the other.

Additional digital practice can be found in these Quizlet sets.

Upon returning, there will be a series of grammar quizzes in each Advanced Latin class to refresh your knowledge of verb, noun, adjective, and pronoun morphology.