Studio Arts

Students explore a variety of traditional media and concepts as they discover and cultivate their passions in drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. Our boys learn to contemplate reality more deeply and express themselves through the language of art.

Through all the grades, students are exposed to great works of art and significant artists.

Lower School

In the Lower School, our budding artists work in a dedicated art studio, Toad Hall. The Valley provides great opportunities for students to develop the daily practice of sketching directly from nature. Various projects challenge students to advance their technical skills while becoming more familiar with expressing ideas and feelings through the language of line form and color. Each winter, students compete in the winter art contest. The best works are exhibited at Schlesinger Hall during the Christmas Concert Series. In February, students display their best work at The annual Thomas More Night for Young Artists.

Middle School

Boys in the Middle School engage in art classes that emphasize drawing as the foundation of the visual arts. Composition and design projects are introduced and traditional training methods employed to advance each students draughtsmanship skills. Students are challenged to explore their personal interests and passions through independent projects.

The boys are encouraged to share their work with the greater community through competitions and exhibitions including the Winter Art Contest and The Thomas More Night for Young Artists.

Upper School

Students are introduced to more advanced techniques in drawing painting, sculpture and printmaking. 3rd and 4th year art students are given more opportunities to explore independent projects. Naturalistic drawing is espicially emphasized. Art History and great works of art are introduced.

In 2015 two students won awards, including a first prize drawing in the Best of the Independent Schools Art Competition for metro area private schools, hosted in Landon’s Landow Family Gallery.

Upper School artists have opportunities throughout the year to compete for the opportunity to create designs for choral concert programs and the fall and spring play posters.

At the end of the school year, The Cavalier Award for Studio Art is given to the young artist who exemplifies great skill and passion in his work.