Summer Programs

Summer Courses

The Heights Summer School program is a great opportunity for your son to continue his education over the summer, either through taking a full course for credit, taking one of our bridge courses to help prepare for next year, or simply taking advantage of our 1-week small group tutoring sessions. We offer courses in Mathematics, Science, and Latin/Greek.

  • Full Course for Credit – Online: This is one of the most common options. Students interested in receiving a grade and credit for a course, either to get ahead or for grade replacement. All course work is done online. The teacher will host daily live online lectures with ample opportunity for student questions. There will also be regular individual meetings to ensure each student’s needs are being met. Students will receive a letter grade for the class just as during the school year. The course can also be taken pass/fail.
  • Full Course for Credit – Traditional Classroom: This option is not available for this summer at this time.
  • Bridge Program – This is for students who will be advancing to a new level, but would like to review and brush up on their skills so that they can hit the ground running going into the new year. Students can sign up for just one week or several weeks, depending on the need.
  • Small group tutoring – This is usually for younger students who want to practice skills over the summer. We will meet with your son at the beginning of the week to assess individual skills and weaknesses and implement a plan to help ensure success for the coming year.

2020 Summer Courses