Giving FAQs

Today, more than ever before, we are welcoming families into The Heights who are new to the independent school experience. We would like to take this opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions about charitable giving and the vital role that families and alumni play in ensuring excellence at The Heights.


Why does The Heights ask us for contributions in addition to what we already send to the School in tuition and fees? 

The cost of an independent school education is such that tuition and fees do not cover the total cost of educating each student. As is the case with many other independent schools, our development efforts are designed to solicit charitable gifts in order to bridge the gap between income and the actual cost of operating the School.

Why doesn’t The Heights charge enough to cover operating costs?

If tuition increased to cover the actual cost of all programs, many families could not afford to send their children to our School. This could mean a drop in enrollment, resulting in a cutback of our programs and steeper tuition increases in order to fund all operations, which would affect your child’s education. Additionally, charitable gifts would be even more difficult to obtain given the increased cost of sending a child to the School. This would preclude our ability to finance many of the programs and improvements made possible by charitable support.

What is the purpose of the Crescite Fund?

Since it is necessary to subsidize tuition income, we must look to charitable contributions from trustees, parents, alumni, past parents, grandparents, and friends of the School. The Crescite Fund is the method used to raise these additional funds. Because the Board of Trustees is committed to keeping tuition at a reasonable level, increasing income through gifts to the Crescite Fund is one way to accomplish this task. Gifts to the Crescite Fund are tax-deductible.

Is giving to an annual fund unique to The Heights? 

No. Independent schools have long relied upon the generosity and loyalty of their constituencies to advance their institutions. Very few, if any, private, independent schools, colleges, or universities meet full operational costs with tuition alone.

What is the difference between annual giving and a capital campaign? 

Capital Campaigns are conducted periodically to provide significant funds for additions to endowment, construction/renovation or extensive equipment purchases. Contributions are generally pledged over three to five years. Annual Giving is designed to offset annual operating expenses; is the gift is pledged, it is generally payable by the end of the academic year.

Would we be expected to give to both? 

We hope that all parents and friends of the School would consider supporting both efforts to the best of their ability.

Can we make a gift to a specific purpose? 

Certainly. Although the Crescite Fund seeks unrestricted gifts, if there is a project that you would like to fund, please let us know. Capital Campaigns generally provide names gift opportunities.

Why do you ask parents for donations? There are many foundations that could support the School. Do you ask them, too? 

Yes, we do. The Height’s development efforts include soliciting foundations and local businesses. However, these prospective donors often want to see initial support from the inside before they will commit to the effort.

May we make a contribution of something other than cash?

Of course. There are many ways to make a contribution to The Heights. The Development Office can help you determine what type of gift is most appropriate for your circumstances and the School’s needs.

Is there any chance that our gift could be made anonymously? 

Yes. When you make your contribution, by mail or online, be sure to let us know that you would like it to remain anonymous and we will be happy to honor your request.

Can we make a gift in memory of someone or to honor a special individual, for instance a former teacher? 

Certainly. The Development Office will be happy to discuss either of these options with you. The family will be notified of the gift, if appropriate.

My company offers a matching gifts program. Would The Heights be interested in this program? 

Absolutely. Matching gifts are an easy way to double or, in some cases, triple your gifts to the School. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about how to make a matching gift.

How much should we give? 

Only you can decide. We ask you to remember that your contribution, along with those of all our donors, will directly enhance your child’s education. We hope that every member of our School community will participate.

How much have others given? 

Nearly everything we have at The Heights is the result of previous gifts from friends of the School. As these previous donors have provided for our current student population, we must also provide for future generations. The only gift too small is no gift at all!

Is our gift tax-deductible?

All contributions are fully tax-deductible according to IRS regulations.

How can I get more information? 

Please contact James Kolakowski, Director of Annual Giving, with questions about the Crescite Fund or other ways of supporting The Heights

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