Physical Education

Physical education at The Heights channels the interests of young boys and develops tough, strong, fatigue-resistant men. The program develops interest in many sports and teaches cooperation, leadership, and camaraderie.

Lower School

The Lower School physical education program focuses on improving the gross motor abilities of the students along with introducing technical training in all of our team sports.

A variety of games are played in order to improve the speed, coordination, endurance, and strength of each boy, all performed in a fun atmosphere.

Technical training is also introduced during this three-year period. The boys are taught the fundamentals of each team sport (soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and baseball) in a non-competitive environment. Learning to throw, catch, dribble, shoot, and pass will help the boys prepare properly for middle school competitive sports.

Middle School

The Middle School physical education program seeks to introduce a more rigorous physical preparation program while also introducing competitive team sports.

At the beginning of each year, each student participates in a variety of tests that measure their strength, speed, explosiveness, and endurance. Every student participates in a program at least twice a week that seeks to raise his level of general physical fitness. Every athlete needs a basic level of speed, endurance, and strength, and our Middle School program seeks to provide that. This prepares our athletes to use more advanced training methods in a safe and successful manner as they enter high school.

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Athletics Department:

Athletic Director
  • Dan Lively
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 161
Athletic Trainer
  • Tim Finnell
  • 301.365.0227 ext.

Athletics Hotline

For game cancellations and news, call 301.365.4300 ext. 501 or email


Please Note

The Heights is now partnering with Magnus Health SMR to collect all immunization and other health information, including the school’s athletic participation clearance form for students who participate in athletics. Please use this link  to access the Magnus Health Portal.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Murray in the Admissions Office at 301.365.0227 x176 or