Student Visits

Experience The Heights First-Hand!

The Heights will resume student visits when the 2022-23 academic year begins in September 2022. Please schedule the visit then.

Visit Day Guidelines:

  • Scheduling:  In order to schedule a student visit, please register here by following these steps: (1) provide your son’s information; (2) select “Schedule a Visit” next to “How can we help you today?”; (3) proceed to fill out the rest of the form. If you already submitted an application, please sign the waiver and schedule a visit on the admissions checklist in the parent portal.
  • Arrival: Reserved Parking is available in the 2nd row as you come up the main driveway. Student visitors should arrive to the Admissions Office by 8:10am.
  • Dress Code: Visitors are encouraged to dress as Heights students. For 3rd-7th graders this means a dress shirt, tie, slacks, and dress shoes (loosely defined, of course, for our younger boys—hiking boots are fine!).  8th-12th Graders follow similar guidelines, but must also wear a blazer.  If you don’t have a blazer, please don’t purchase one just for the shadow day!
  • What should I bring? 3rd-8th Grade visitors should bring a backpack, lunch, and a change of clothes for gym (t-shirt, shorts, sneakers, sweatshirt). Upper School visitors need only bring a notebook and a book (for those rare classes when your host will have a test). Lunch for high school visitors is on us!
  • Pick-up:  Pick-up is at 2:20pm, though we ask your patience as some teachers are so enthusiastic about their material that they may, on occasion, finish class a minute or two late.
  • Weather delays and cancelations: The Heights follows Montgomery County Public Schools for weather delays and cancelations. If there is a two-hour delay, we will open at 10:40. If school is cancelled, we will be in touch with you the day after the scheduled visit to put another date on the calendar. Of course, if we are not closed but you don’t feel it prudent to visit in light of weather conditions, feel free to reschedule your visit. We’re happy to help you find a more convenient time.

Tips for a successful shadow day:

  • Introduce yourself to our teachers. They will likely reach out to you first, but, just in case they don’t, make sure you say hello. Ask any Heights alumnus and he will tell you that the best part about The Heights isn’t the curriculum, the campus, or the lunch, it’s our teachers! Take the time to get to know them.
  • If you have any extracurricular interests, please tell us when you arrive in the morning. We’ll do our best to introduce you to the different activities at the school.
  • Try to relax. It’s never easy to be a visitor in a new school, but pretend that this is the beginning of your second year at The Heights. You’ll find that, notwithstanding the blazers, ours is a relaxed environment where students are given a great deal of freedom to be themselves and interact with the faculty.
  • Have fun! Your education, much like your future professional life, should be enjoyable!
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Contact the Admissions Office

Director of Admissions and Outreach, United States Government
  • Rich Moss
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 112
Associate Director of Admissions
  • Anthony Hadford
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 177
Admissions Coordinator
  • Michelle Murray
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 176