Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Assistance:  49%
  • Average Grant per Student:  $10,234

The Heights is committed to a quality-driven admissions process that provides access to a Heights education for as many deserving boys as possible. The Heights uses need-based grants and scholarships to make attendance possible for qualified students who would not otherwise be able to do so for financial reasons. Need-based grants and scholarships also ensure a student body that reflects a broad social and economic mix. Individual grants are intended to supplement a family’s own resources, and recipients range from families whose ability to pay school costs is extremely limited to families who may need only a minor subsidy to meet our tuition requirements.

Begin our FACTS Financial Aid Application Process here.

We are very pleased to offer two Upper School scholarships:  The Cavalier Scholarship and the Blatty Scholarship.  Both awards are need and merit-based, and will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate academic promise, moral character, and the zeal and spirit of a future Heights leader.
  • Every qualified applicant for financial aid will be automatically considered for these Scholarships.
Notes on Grants and Scholarships:
  • Please note that all supporting tax and other documents should be sent to FACTS directly, not to The Heights. Supporting documentation is required and your application will not be considered complete until its submission.
  • Documentation Required: 2018 tax return, including 2018 W-2
  • Documentation Requested but not Required: 2019 W-2
  • For new upper school students, applications for grants and scholarships, along with supporting documentation, are due by Friday, January 10, 2020.
  • For new lower and middle school students and all returning students, applications for grants and scholarships, along with supporting documentation, are due by Monday, January 27, 2020.
  • Grant and scholarship decisions, along with admissions decisions, will be mailed jointly on February 27th, 2020.

Tuition 2019-20

  • Upper School:     $28,750
  • Middle School:    $25,985
  • Lower School:     $21,375
Foreign students should speak with the Admissions Office, as their tuition, room, and board is on a different fee schedule. The Heights uses FACTS for tuition management and grant and scholarship assessment. You may manage your accounts online. If you have questions about signing up for FACTS, please contact Bill James in the Business Office at, (301) 365-0227, ext. 221.

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Contact the Admissions Office

Director of Admissions and Outreach
  • Rich Moss
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 112
Admissions Coordinator
  • Dorothy Reilly
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 176
Admissions Associate
  • Max Escobar
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 113