Upper School Literature

Reading good literature is a powerful means for the intellectual, moral, spiritual formation we offer at The Heights. It is a habit we hope to form in our students that remains with them for the rest of their lives.

Our faculty work hard to offer literature courses that inspire the students to want to read and engage with important ideas. After completing the core humanities sequence, eleventh and twelfth grade students benefit from a collegiate modeled English department — one semester courses on a variety of authors and topics they can select. The more advanced 400 level courses are calibrated at a college level. Having successfully completed the first year of English elective courses, we are pleased to offer the following courses this year:

High School Level

ENG 310 Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost (Ortiz)

ENG 311 Dante and Melville (Breslin)

ENG 312 Chivalry in Literature (Breslin)

ENG 313 Humor: Wodehouse and Waugh (Miggins)

ENG 314 Shakespeare and film (Bissex)

College Level

ENG 409 Poetry Workshop (Ortiz)

ENG 410 Icelandic Sagas (Breslin)

ENG 411 Don Quixote (Breslin)

ENG 412 Historical Fiction: Shakespeare to Cather (Miggins)

ENG 413 Hope, Suffering and Meaning (Bissex)