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Tennis Club

A club for students who want to have fun, improve their skills, or begin a new sport.

Tennis Club

  • Grade level:6-10
  • Meeting Times:Mondays at 3:15 pm
    Wednesdays at 3:15 pm
  • Location:Tennis courts
  • Seasons:Fall
  • Notice:Students should bring their racket, 2 cans of balls, and a water bottle.
  • Advisors:Nelson Bendeck

Club Mission

To develop the fundamental, individual and team skills required of the game through exciting drills, exercises and a variety of short games. Players are grouped by grade or skill level. Also, as tennis is a gentleman’s sport, we will focus on the the virtues and good habits associated with team-play and the overall character of a tennis sportsman.

Events & Topics

Each session ends at about 4:15. If the courts are rained out, the club is canceled.


You will have an opportunity to challenge many of your classmates and friends and climb to the top!

Skills & Benefits

Drills are focused on developing the basic shape of each stroke and their variations, including: forehand, backhand, serve, overhead, volley, slice, drop shots, and the like. Do you have a strategy of play or do you simply return the ball? Do you go cross court or down the line? Where should I place my serve? The staff’s attention to players emphasizes the development of key fundamental areas for optimal play.

Additional Resources

First day: Monday, September 20, 2021

Last day: Wednesday, October 27, 2021