Joseph Bissex

Latin, Drama, 8th Grade Writing, LS Storytelling

About Joseph

Joseph lives in Rockville with his dear family, a mountain of books, two mountains of board games, one pesky spider cricket (where are the Daleks when you need them?), and a collection of 150 shot glasses. He can rave endlessly about the awesomeness of The Odyssey and The Tempest, so say “Prospero” and see what happens. An avid fan of all things theatrical, Joseph directs the Omnibus Players of The Heights School and teaches the Upper School drama classes. He received a B.A. from Thomas Aquinas College, an M.A. from University of Dallas, and is working on a Masters in Theatre Education at The Catholic University of America. He is a pyrographer of middling ability, and in his spare time practices the fine art of taking 30-second naps. Omnia Omnibus!