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The Tower Fools

3rd through 8th Grade Drama Club

The Tower Fools

  • Grade level:3-8
  • Meeting Times:Mondays at 3:15 pm
  • Location:Chesterton Hall
  • Notice:Date and time to be determined and a full schedule for each production.
  • Advisors:Joseph Bissex

Club Mission

Formed in 2014, the Tower Fools is the lower and middle school drama club at The Heights School. Its name derives from the tower of the crest, that great strong-hold for vision and sight, and the “fool” of Shakespeare, the character whose silliness and naivety makes him least likely to be the character to impart wisdom, but to whom Shakespeare frequents some of his most deep thoughts on human experience.

Events & Topics

The Tower Fools hold auditions for each play they perform. Plays are usually at least adapted by faculty if not totally original works, and the cast is usually between 12-15 plus to student directors.

Skills & Benefits

For more information on the benefits of having your son join the Tower Fools and about the productions, listen to this podcast by Mr. Love and Mr. Longano