Brendan Regan, '15

Admissions Associate, Upper School Admissions

About Brendan

Originally from Kensington Maryland, Brendan attended The Heights for high school, graduating as a member of the class of 2015. After The Heights, he went on to earn a B.A. in Military and Diplomatic History from the University of Maryland, graduating in 2019. Brendan began his teaching career during the fall of the same year, which made his first year as a 3rd-grade teacher especially interesting. After 4 wonderful years of forming 8-year-olds down in the Valley, Brendan has been called up to the big leagues to teach Freshman Core. Brendan is most proud of achieving 3 Hoplite battle victories over the combined armies of the Heilites, Messangarians, and Zelayans, while only ever suffering 1 loss. Brendan enjoys all things athletic, having coached both J.V. and Varsity Basketball, as well as Varsity Lacrosse. When not teaching, coaching, or talking about John Stockton, Brendan can be found outside enjoying time with his family.