2020-21 Upper School Open Houses

Experience The Heights In Person

“There is no place like The Heights!” and “Only at The Heights!” We hear this all the time. Let us show you why it’s true!

We are thrilled to host these events on-campus. At an open house, you will hear our Headmaster, Mr. Alvaro de Vicente, speak about the mission of the school; meet the head of the upper school; and tour the outdoor spaces of campus.

As a Heights education consists not in the sharing of screens, but in a dialogue of persons, there is no better way to meet us than in person. Indeed, if there is no place like The Heights, then it is only at The Heights that you can experience what our school has to offer.



  • 9:00am: Headmaster’s Presentation;
  • 9:30am: Upper School Head’s presentation and/or tour;
  • 10:15: Q&A with the Admissions Director

Dates and Registration: Click link below.

Please note that, as per Montgomery County Guidelines, we may only host 10 applicant families per Open House. This includes the applicant and parents only. Unfortunately, siblings will have to wait on their first visit, but we look forward to welcoming them at some point in the not too distant future.

To register, please click on the link below:

Register for the Upper School Open House

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will we be outdoors the entire time? Weather permitting, yes–most of the open house will be outdoors. In an effort to keep our doors open to students, we will remain outdoors for the duration of the event. Please dress accordingly! Note that our admissions team is finalizing an excellent virtual tour of our campus interior.
  2. Should I bring my applicant/son? Sure! Our Open House offers boys and young men a fantastic opportunity to learn more about The Heights. 
  3. Are younger children welcome? While at other times the answer to this is an unequivocal “yes,” this year we ask that only parents and applicants attend.  
  4. Dress code? Please come as you are.
  5. What are the protocols in place? We will ask that you follow CDC guidelines. Please wear masks when indoors, or when outdoors and unable to socially distance. For our purposes during this Open House, this will mean that most of the visit will be conducted with a mask. Thank you for your patience as we strive to remain both personal and in-person.

Previous Open House Headmaster’s Presentation:

At each Open House, Mr. de Vicente will offer his overview of The Heights, and of the School Division to which your son is applying. In a special way, at each Open House, our headmaster will spend a bit more time on each of the four components of our mission, as they relate to the lower, middle, or upper schools.  We capture these focused segments and offer them to you here.

Physical Formation


Intellectual Formation

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Director of Admissions and Outreach
  • Rich Moss
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 112
Associate Director, Lower and Middle School Admissions
  • Anthony Hadford
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 177
Admissions Associate, Upper School Admissions
  • Brendan Regan
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 236
Admissions Coordinator
  • Melanie Brown
  • 301.365.0227 ext. 176