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Study Skills and Writing Workshop (plus Summer Reading)

Study Skills and Writing Workshop (plus Summer Reading)

  • Weeks:Aug. 19, 2024
  • Time:9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Note:9:00– 11:30 am: rising 6th and 7th grade students. 12:30-3:00 pm: rising 8th and 9th grade students. Summer Reading Assignments will be completed as part of this workshop.
  • Cost:$350 per week
  • Grades:6-9
  • Staff:Andrew Reed

Sharpen your study skills and strengthen your writing habits during this one week workshop, strategically timed just weeks before school begins. In this program, students build up routines for the school year and further develop their academic habits. The purpose of this workshop is to allow an insightful window of learning before school starts up, so students can develop the resolve necessary for the personal ownership of their academic routines.

The workshop has been developed carefully over the years based on what works best and the instructor takes a comprehensive approach, covering the most valuable topics for each grade. The habits that will be examined and discussed most closely include: writing and outlining practices, proofreading, homework and concentration habits, techniques for reading, techniques for memorizing, a short review of mathematical concepts from the previous school year, habits to improve time management and organization, techniques for test taking (including standardized tests), and effective note taking strategies. As they begin the school year, students benefit from this opportunity to examine their habits and set goals for the upcoming school year based on the best practices for their academic routines. This workshop aims to show students how beneficial the right academic habits can be and how these sound habits can make learning easier.


Summer Reading Essays and Assignments will be worked on until completed properly. Drafts will be revised, corrected, and resubmitted until completely finished. This is accomplished through a one-to-one ratio with the help of workshop staff.

Handouts and materials will be provided each day according to the grade-specific lessons and the habits examined that day. The purpose of this well-developed workshop curriculum is the personal ownership of academic habits and students have benefitted from this program and the instructor’s approach for two decades.

Students will be offered a short break after each hour lesson in class and are given an opportunity to spend time together, catch up, and welcome new students. Students may bring a drink and a snack for the breaks.

Dress code is simply a shirt with a collar and shorts are acceptable. Non-Heights students are welcome as well as prospective students because the academic habits learned from this program are universally valuable in any school setting.