Spring Art Exhibit

As part of a liberal arts education, the study of art is necessary to help students grasp the transcendentals of truth, goodness, and beauty.

At The Heights, students engage in the fine arts not only by reading good literature and studying great works of art (for example, in the popular AP Art History course), but also by cultivating artistic skills so that they can produce beauty with their own hands, applying their unique creative talents to material mediums.

Art courses begin in the Valley in third grade, and faculty encourage students to pursue the arts through high school. The school promotes the student-athlete-artist combination with a culture of well-rounded interests that leads some to the visual arts and others to music and drama. In visual arts, the students’ work is displayed to the enjoyment of their classmates, teachers, and the broader Heights community during a weeklong art exhibit held on campus each spring.

Spring is a busy season for fine arts at The Heights. Students who pursue music took part in a band concert last week featuring performers ranging from fifth grade through high school, and vocal musicians hosted the Spring Choral Concert this week. For those who take up drama, the final theater production, Méprisés, will be held this Friday and Saturday evenings (click here for more info).

We hope you enjoy a few of the highlights below from this year’s Spring Art Exhibit!