International Discovery Program

At The Heights School


The goals of The Heights International Discovery Camp are to enable visiting students and faculty to learn more about Science and History and experience the culture and language of the United States through daily trips, while hosted by faculty of The Heights School in our nation’s capital. English is the official language of our program, with many opportunities to pract. The many successful outcomes of this program are the result of our mutual efforts between schools and the cooperation of leading members of our schools.

The dates for our visiting international groups will differ by school this year. Please feel free to email the director with any questions you may have at     

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Explore the places that we’ll visit during the camp this year!

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Meet the Staff

Learn about the faculty who will assist in the camp this year. Campers benefit from a 5-to-1 ratio and the presence of teachers from both schools.

Meet the Staff

Connected Schools

Here are the crests of our brother schools from around the world who have either been invited to join us or who have sought participation in the program in the past decade. To ensure a quality experience, participation is limited each year based upon the openings. Please contact the program ‘s Director, Mr. Andrew Reed (, to review availability each year.  Early group organization is needed with commitments requested by April 1st. Parents can help a group leader by making the necessary arrangements early.