Festival Clan Day Results

White Lily takes early lead

The Heights celebrated the All Saints’ feast with a Festival Clan Day, continuing the year-long competition between the four clans: White Lily, Gold Cross, Red Cross, and Red Rose.  Gold Cross started the day in first place as they earned the most points from last year’s Junior Trip results. The other three clans were looking for any advantage as the race for the Tower officially began.

The day started with all-school mass in the gym followed by the bard competitions in Lower, Middle, and Upper school.  There were a wide variety of entries into the bard competition this year including poetry recitations, stand-up comedy, singing, and even a solo cover of the classic rock song Hotel California.  As the bard results came in White Lily proved to be the most dominant taking first place in most grades.

In the afternoon the clan games were started with an all-faculty strongest man relay race in front of the whole student body.  Clan games consisted of classics such as thud and bulvalla, with newer games such as Heights strongest man and sled pulls being added to the long tradition of games made to the test will of each and every student.

Current Clan Standings

White Lily: 621

Gold Cross: 536

Red Cross: 482

Red Rose: 370


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#TheHeightsSchool #MenFullyAlive #Heightsat50 –> White Lily: 621 Gold Cross: 536 Red Cross: 482 Red Rose: 370

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