Freedom and Technology in Our Homes

A Conference for Parents

Nov 11

As we form our sons and students into competent professionals and effective leaders, technology is a domain that they will have to master.  The scale of the good they might do is exponentially multiplied by the new machines of the “4th Industrial Revolution.”  Ours is an era of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and radical instantaneous connectivity, all of which are waiting for our sons to put them to good use.

Yet, undeniably, these tools can also be brought to bear upon our sons.  Our society’s predisposition to distraction, addiction, and shallow connectedness has become a major obstacle to the formation of a positive culture in our homes and self-mastery in our boys.

Join us for a day of reflection with Heights parents and faculty as we explore a positive vision for technology in the lives of our sons.  We will seek out the good to be achieved, and work—together—to discern ways to protect our sons from the forces seeking to divert them from their quest to achieve mature, generous, and strong Christian manhood.

Topics for discussion

  • Introducing Young Children to the Internet
  • Content Filtering Services and Router Level Security
  • Seams in the Armor: On Apple Maps, GIFs, and Kindles gone Awry
  • iPhone vs Android vs. The New Feature Phones
  • Pornography, Addiction, and Compassion after Failure
  • When to Let Go
  • Social Pressures from Social Media
  • So, You Want to Code?


  • 11:00am On Technology and the 21st Century Boy: New Tools for Stewards of the Universe
  • 12:00pm What is in the Water? An Update on Social Media and Gaming Trends
  • 1:00pm Lunch
  • 2:00pm Letting Go: Trust and the Early Stages of Technological Freedom
  • 3:00pm Break Out Session 1 by Choice/Topic
  • 4:00pm Break Out Session 2 by Choice/Topic
  • 5:00pm Refreshments
    Mass will be offered at 10am for those who would like to attend.

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