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Studio Art: Drawing and Painting

ART 112

Studio Art: Drawing and Painting

  • Course ID:ART 112
  • Semesters:1
  • Department:Art
  • Teachers:Brian Coyne

Description and Objectives

The Art 112 course seeks to introduce students to the basics of drawing and painting with an emphasis on painting. We will learn basic color theory and color mixing. We will start painting with watercolor and gradually move to acrylic paint. We will paint from real life, photos and even paint outside. We will learn different styles of painting and try our hand at copying famous paintings from different period of art history.


All classroom materials will be provided by the school.  It is strongly encouraged that you son has an art pad (9′ x 12″) that he can carry around with him for sketching.

Course Requirements

Your son will be building a portfolio which will be graded each quarter. The portfolio will be provided for by the school. He will put his best 10 pieces/quarter (20/semester) in his portfolio. The following works are required for this course and should be in his portfolio:


Q3.Animal Study. Chinese Brush Painting. Religious iconography. Ancient illumination. map-making. 5 Artist’s Choices 

Q4 Reflections Drawing. Glass of water drawing. Ocean Water Painting. en plain air (spring)Copy of Master Painting5 Artist’s Choices       


Successful Students

To succeed in this course a student should display a willingness to try his best on every lesson and exercise. He should be mindful of the requirements for each quarter and be sure his portfolio is up to date. He should read my written quarterly evaluations and make the suggested improvements–this will greatly help him do well. He should make good use of his class time and always clean his brushes because “they don’t clean themselves!”