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Studio Art: Design II

ART 212

Studio Art: Design II

  • Course ID:ART 212
  • Semesters:1
  • Department:Art
  • Teachers:Brian Coyne

Description and Objectives

The 200 level art courses seek to build on the basics of drawing and painting that students received in Art 111/112 and expand particularly in the area of the use of watercolors.  An emphasis will be placed in drawing and painting outside in the plain air (as the French call it). Your son will begin to choose famous artists he aspires to copy and learn from while ultimately “finding his voice” and personal style. This is the year he begins to gravitate towards his strongest media and favorite subjects in a more serious manner.


All classroom materials will be provided by the school.  It is strongly encouraged that you son has an art pad (9′ x 12″) that he can carry around with him for sketching.

Course Requirements

Your son will be building a portfolio which will be graded each quarter. The portfolio will be provided for by the school. He will put his best 10 pieces/quarter (20/semester) in his portfolio. The following works are required for this course and should be in his portfolio:

 Q3. Contour Line drawing. Fully shaded Still Life. Perspective Drawing. Mixed Media Collage. Human Figure Drawing. Human Face Drawing. Design Concept. Artist’s ChoiceArtist’s Choice.  Artist’s Choice

Q4 .Colored Pencil Piece. Acrylic painting. Fully Shaded Pencil Drawing. Watercolor Painting. En Plain Air Coloring. En Plain Air Drawing. Artist’s Choice. Artist’s Choice. Artist’s Choice. Artist Choice

Successful Students

Successful students will take what they learned from the year before and start making more deliberate artistic choices. By now they have been given the tools to make great art. It is up to them to grow as an artist.