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Photography and Graphic Design

ART 315/316

Photography and Graphic Design

Description and Objectives

We will pursue the practical skills and theoretical principles which permit us to create professional grade graphics. The aim is to gain proficiency in what is a both a practical skill and an artform; to be able to make whatever our minds can imagine, but also to grow as artists such that we can imagine something worth making. We will be hands-on, taking pictures, using tablets to create component graphics, and employing software to arrange and compose final products. Students will assemble a portfolio of their best works in various mediums throughout the year and a final project will punctuate each semester. 


The Design Book for Non-Designers, Robin Williams


Course Requirements

  • Building a portfolio that demonstrates proficiency in various photographic styles and techniques. Portraiture, wildlife, event, sports, monochromatic, bokeh, silhouette, high key, off camera lighting, etc.
  • Building a portfolio with various graphic designs and design elements. Fliers, design elements, masking, etc.
  •  Properly filtered, edited, and delivered albums for school and sport events that will be assigned throughout the year.
  • Demonstrable proficiency in the operation of cameras.
  • Maintaining an Adobe Lightroom Catalog with appropriate file structure for clean workflow.
  • Engagement in meaningful discussion and critique of peer work.
  • Be prepared to take periodical quizzes that measure the retention of technical aspects of photography.

Successful Students

Successful students will develop a well organized workflow that makes their work easily demonstrable and frees them to spend as much time as possible on content creation. They will arrive on time for demonstrations and lectures in order to have time to practice their skills. They will ask questions, but they will also utilize external resources to problem solve and improve their abilities. They will have the self discipline to have specific goals that they will stick to when engaging in a days work.