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Introduction to Electrical Engineering

SCI 346 (Not currently offered)

Introduction to Electrical Engineering
(Not currently offered)

  • Course ID:SCI 346
  • Semesters:1
  • Department:Science
  • Teachers:Joe Crnkovich

Description and Objectives

This course is intended to provide the high-school student with an introduction to electrical engineering, which involves the conception, design, development, and production of electrical or electronic products.  

The course plans to address the following topics:

  • The field of electrical engineering, 
  • Basic concepts of electricity,
  • DC circuit analysis,
  • Capacitors, inductors, and semiconductors,
  • Digital logic circuits and processors,
  • Radio communications,
  • The internet, and
  • Electrical safety


Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Irwin and Kearns, Prentice Hall, 1995

Course Requirements

Students are expected to know algebra and trigonometry. The textbook will be provided. The student must provide his own calculator.

The student’s grade will be determined by Homework, Quizzes, and tests/projects.


Homework is an integral part of the learning process. It is the primary means to reinforce what is taught in class, to complete the learning of the material, and to prepare the student for following classes.  As such, attempting the homework is critical and will be graded.  The student will get credit for good-faith effort in attempting the homework.  He is encouraged to work with fellow students in solving the homework problems, however is expected to understand the material.  Unless prior extension is granted, l deduct points for late submissions (more points for very late submissions) and will also deduct points for wrong answers once the problems are covered in class.  The student can expect to do well in the quizzes and tests if he can do the homework.


The student can expect occasional quizzes to allow me to assess ongoing understanding of the material.

Tests and Projects 

Tests of various sections of material will be announced in advance.  If a student for a legitimate reason cannot take a test at the scheduled time, he should ask one of his parents to notify me by phone (703-862-7107) or email prior to the end of the day.  An alternate test time will be scheduled for a later date during a study hall or lunch.

Class Participations

(Note, streamed oral tests and quizzes may also be given to students who are not able to be physically present in class.)

Successful Students

Successful students will take responsibility for learning the material each day.  They will exhibit two key qualities: professionalism and curiosity. Students are expected to exercise professionalism that will be expected of them in their career: prompt attendance and on-time completion of assignments, quality work, preparation and mastery of the material, clear communication of problems or help needed, and respect for the others.

Students should review each night the material covered that day and perform any assignment. Unless otherwise stated, they are welcome to work together on projects and assignments with the following three caveats. First, they must state who else contributed to their effort and what resources were consulted. Second, they must restate the results in their own words — plagiarism will not be tolerated. Third, they must recognize that the purpose of the assignments is to help in their understanding, and they are responsible for knowing the material in the assignment.

I encourage students to contact me early if additional help is needed.

Additional Resources

Additional resources will be identified in class.