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Advanced Studio Art II

ART 312

Advanced Studio Art II

  • Course ID:ART 312
  • Semesters:1
  • Department:Art
  • Teachers:Brian Coyne

Description and Objectives

The 300 level art courses are considered advanced art. On this level, the student is required to be more self-directed, weening himself off of copying famous art work and starting to make more original compositions. This means working from his own photos, arranging his own still lifes, working more from real life and imagination. He should begin to show a mastery of one or more media and proficiency in all of them. He should be thinking whether he is a candidate for AP art and, if so, begin building a portfolio of original work that could be submitted to the College Board for possible AP credit his senior year.


All classroom materials will be provided by the school.  It is strongly encouraged that you son has an art pad (9′ x 12″) that he can carry around with him for sketching. He should also have his personal art supplies at home where he can be working on more elaborate pieces on his own time as well as in the classroom. Basic supplies are: a set of water color paints, set of acyrilc paints, colored pencils, quality pens, mixed media paper, drawing pencils.

Course Requirements

Q3. Still Life of Personal Items. Pen and Ink Landscape. En Plain Air Drawing/Coloring. Self-Portrait. Animal Portrait. 5 Artist’s Choices 

Q4. Cityscape. Oil Painting. Acrylic Painting. Watercolor Painting. Pastel Painting. 5 Artist’s Choices 

Successful Students

Students can succeed in this course if they begin to focus on their strengths and begin to master a media that suits them best. If he is self-directed and motivated he will succeed in this course.