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Ski Club

A club for all lovers of alpine snow sports.

Ski Club

  • Grade level:9-12
  • Meeting Times:Tuesdays at 12:45 pm
  • Location:Room 22
  • Seasons:Begin planning in October. Trips run January-March.
  • Advisors:Kyle Blackmer

Club Mission

Note: When there’s snow on the hill, our weekly trips leave from The Heights at 3:15 pm on the last school day of the week. We spend the evening skiing together on the slopes and eating together in the lodge before returning to The Heights around 11 pm. Transportation is provided on Heights buses. A $50 activity fee is collected from each Club member at the start of the season to cover the cost of faculty chaperone lift tickets and rentals. Rentals can be purchased from White Tail on a season-long or daily basis.

The Ski Club provides boys with an opportunity to share their love of the outdoors and of sport through the winter months. Students and faculty grow in fellowship during our trips on the bus, on the slopes, and in the lodge.

Events & Topics

We travel to White Tail Ski Resort at the end of each school week. In the past, Club members have also organized Crescite Week Trips and weekend outings.

Skills & Benefits

Whether you are a black diamond pro looking to carve through some moguls or an eager first-timer, the Ski Club offers boys the opportunity to practice a favorite pastime or to pick up a new hobby. Through the challenges of skiing and snowboarding, boys can learn to be both brave and prudent.

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