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Climbing Club

A club for Cavaliers who ascend. Our patron is Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and his motto is ours: Verso l'alto!

Climbing Club

  • Grade level:7-12
  • Meeting Times:Tuesdays at 3:15 pm
  • Location:Gazebo/Gym area before boarding bus to Carderock or Movement Rockville.
  • Seasons:Weather permitting, we climb outside at Carderock. With inclement weather, we climb indoors at Movement Rockville. There is no climbing club during the winter climbing team season (from November to February).
  • Notice:Climbers should wear athletic clothing.
  • Advisors:Eric Heil
    Lucas Lopes

Club Mission

The Climbing Club seeks to foster a sense of adventure and discipline through climbing. Ascensionists match themselves against vertical challenges, both natural and man-made. Given the risks involved, climbing is approached with seriousness and maturity. Members are expected to follow instructions as they are responsible for both their own safety that of their peers. A good amount of the climbing we do is indoors, but our hearts are in the wild spaces where rock and sky meet.

Events & Topics

There will be an informative meeting at the start of each academic year. Climbers can come to the club as often as they like. There will be a few months during the winter months on which the club does not meet due to Climbing Team conflicts. There is a Heights bus that takes members to and from the climbing areas, we are usually back on campus by 5:30 p.m.

Skills & Benefits

The basics of safety, gear, technique and conditioning are covered. The club offers an array of shoes and harnesses for beginners to try, but members are encouraged to purchase their own gear if they choose to climb regularly. Both bouldering and top roping are taught and enjoyed. After several outings, most boys become proficient in handling the ropes and carrying themselves with poise and class both at the crag and in the gym.

Additional Resources

Climbers should wear athletic clothing. If we are going outside, dress for the weather. If we are going to the gym, arrange to pay the gym fee (either memberships, 7-day passes, or day passes are available). Waivers are also required at the gym, check for details.  Before climbing outside, students must have an Emergency Contact Information Form on file.  Please send a hardcopy with you son.


For upper school students, the Climbing Team offers a competitive atmosphere in which to pursue their passion for the sport. Tryouts occur in November each year. The Heights School is a member of the Washington Area Interscholastic Climbing League, Climbing was a sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport and participants and their families should be aware of the risks involved as well as the best practices of the sport. Waivers are required to climb in the gym as well as outside.