Andrew Reed

Head of Middle School, Science

About Andrew

Andrew Reed began his career at The Heights School in 1998 and assumed his current role as Head of the Middle School in 2000.  Andy is also the Program Director of The Heights Leaders Initiative, an annual year-long program that offers professional formation and guidance to thoughtful school leaders from across the United States.   He is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he majored in philosophy and the pre-medical sciences, as well as played on the varsity baseball team and participated in the Faculty Fellows Program. Twice he declined his acceptance to Georgetown University’s School of Medicine out of a continued commitment towards his work at The Heights.  Andy completed his graduate work at Johns Hopkins University and holds a Masters in School Administration. In addition to his leadership duties, he has taught science at a number of levels.  Andy has written numerous articles and offers videos and podcasts, especially on topics at the intersection of parenting and education.  He has also directed our national and international conferences at The Heights, including the last three conferences: The Educating Leaders Conference, The Teaching Vocation Conference, and The Heights Mentoring Conference.  Andy enjoys connecting with other schools and educators, believing that an exchange of ideas about education is essential to schools and school leaders.  Andy has also led a series of projects at The Heights, including the past several school accreditations and developing a number of engaging parent programs.  During the summer, Andy is the founding Director of Heights West, a natural adventure program based in Montana and Wyoming as well as the Discovery Science Program and the Study Skills and Writing Workshop based on campus.  Andy and his wife Mary Margaret have six children, two sons and four daughters.