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Heights Basketball Development Program

Heights Basketball Development Program

Calling all rising 5th to rising 10th graders!

Welcome to the inaugural year of the Heights Basketball Development Program. This program was created to develop the future basketball players of The Heights. By the end of the program, we hope to have taught each player how to successfully execute all the fundamental areas of the game. All skill levels are welcome, but there will be a certain level of intensity and intentionality meant to instill the discipline and culture that the program is looking to build. That being said, we highly encourage anyone who loves the game to join us and become a better player. The camp will be primarily scenario-based (running an offense against a zone, team rebounding, breaking the press, switching from a zone to a man-to-man defense…) rather than skill or drill-based. The campers will also be given the tools necessary to have a successful offseason (the time when individual skills should be developed) with specific workouts and journaling. Coach Kilmer and Coach Olszewski are very excited about the program and hope to share their love and knowledge of the game with all our basketball enthusiasts. We are asking for three intentional days of development before the long 4th of July weekend. What better way could you spend this “half” week than becoming a better basketball player!?

Areas Covered:

Team Offense (spacing, screening, court vision, shot selection, identifying mismatches…)

Team Defense (help defense, purposes of the different zone options, team rebounding, hedging…)

Rebounding (how to box out, team defensive rebounding, positioning for offensive rebounds, when to “crash” the boards on offense…)

Passing (proper form, taking care of the ball, proper angles, multi-pass sequences, anticipating cutters, misdirection…)

Pressing (the different types and their advantages/weaknesses, how to get into position quickly, when to press…)

Transition (how to advance the ball, how to break the press, when and why to run a high-tempo offense…)

Play Calling (anticipating the proper type of offense based on the defense, defensive adjustments based on the pace and stage of the game, basic strategic analysis…)

Court Manners (playing with intensity, situational awareness, sportsmanship…)

Team/Coach Communication (being aware of the coach’s playcalling, identifying mismatches/weaknesses in the set, player communication on offense and defense…)

What to bring:

  • Basketball shoes, notebook (any kind), lunch, water bottle, *basketball (optional).