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Finance Bootcamp

Finance Bootcamp

  • Weeks:Jul. 15, 2024
  • Time:9:00 am-12:30 pm
  • Note:Includes copy of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
  • Cost:$350 per week
  • Ages:12-16
  • Staff:James Kolakowski

Finance Bootcamp!


If you don’t learn about money, you’ll pay for it!

Finance Bootcamp is an essential class for any young man interested in developing a plan for personal financial success. 

We’ll examine the role of money as a source of value and how it is used to generate profit. We’ll read Robert T. Kiyosaki’s best selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and develop a working vocabulary for financial literacy while cultivating personal financial habits. 

We’ll learn:

  • How credit cards work (APR/APY)
  • All about interest rates
  • The role of a credit score
  • How to buy a car
  • How to buy a house 
  • How taxes work (we’ll pay federal, state, and local income taxes!)

We’ll also review different asset classes such as:

  • Stocks & Options
  • Real estate
  • Bonds & Currencies

Key terms include:

  • Asset
  • Liability
  • Income 
  • Expense
  • Interest
  • Taxes
  • Balance Sheet 
  • Cash Flow
  • Return on Investment 

We’ll also try to determine how much money is needed to live a comfortable life in the Washington, DC area…the answer might be surprising!!

*Course taught by Heights Finance teacher and Director of Annual Giving, James Kolakowski