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Cavalier Battalion Airsoft

Cavalier Battalion Airsoft

  • Weeks:Jun. 17, 2024
    Jul. 8, 2024
    Aug. 5, 2024
  • Time:9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Cost:$10 mask rental
    $80 gun rental (mask included)
    $445 per week
    $1335 all three weeks
  • Ages:10-14
  • Staff:Anton Vorozhko
    Shane O'Neill

Experience airsoft Heights style! Acres of woods, forts, and airsoft battles: a recipe for a one of a kind camp experience. Each day the boys will be engaged in a different themed airsoft battle/game, while learning team building and leadership skills.

At the start of camp the boys will be divided into platoons, these will be their “brothers in arms” for the remainder of the week. The platoons’ first challenge will be to take and pass a gun safety course, where the boys will learn how to properly and safely handle an airsoft weapon. After that the fun begins. The boys will be building their own fortifications that they will be defending each day. Battles will include: elimination, capture the flag, lone survivor and many others. Each platoon will also compete in marksmanship, quick draw and “target discernment” challenges.

As the week progresses the boys will hear talks about some of the greatest battles and military heroes of our time including General George Washington, “Stonewall” Jackson, General Eisenhower, Maj. Richard Winters, to name only a few. The focus of each talk will be to not only teach the boys about these heroes, but also to present the virtues that these great leaders possessed and to help them make resolutions and form habits that will last beyond the week of camp.

Camp directors are Shane ONeill and Anton Vorozhko, 6th and 7th grade Heights teachers and co-directors of Langhorne: A Tom Sawyer Adventure Camp.

Camp Info.:

*Please note the camp takes place at our private Airsoft filed in Germantown, MD.

*For your convenience, especially for our families with longer commutes, we will have shuttles from the Heights. Space is limited. If you would like to reserve a spot for your son, please make that selection during registration at no additional cost.

*A week before the camp we will send a welcome email which will include the address of the field, pick up/drop off times, waivers and a detailed schedule of the week.

*We will once again be able to offer pizza lunch this summer. Those who wish can bring $5 for two slices and gatorade.  Otherwise, campers should bring a bagged lunch. We will have refills of water available, but the boys must drink from their own container. 

*Gun rentals: We can once again offer gun rentals.  The cost for the rental is $80 and includes a mask.  

For the camp, bring: Airsoft weapon (FPS no higher than 450), safety mask (must cover entire face).  Long sleeves/pants recommended and athletic/hiking shoes. Lunch. A water bottle-we will have refills available on site.