Lawrence Kaiser


About Lawrence

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Larry Kaiser earned a B.A. in political science from The Honors College at Kent State University in 1991. Upon graduation, he worked in the Washington, D.C. area for nearly eight years in and around politics, including The White House.

In 1998 he moved to Rome, Italy to begin studies in philosophy at The Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.  He earned a Ph.B (2000) and in 2010 a Ph.L (the mediaeval teaching degree) with a specialization in metaphysics.  After serving simultaneously for seven years as a college counselor and an Upper School teacher, Larry returned to full-time teaching duties in 2012.

For his 2017 dissertation, Mirabilis Dubitatio:  Understanding Formal Production in Thomas Aquinas and its Role in his Metaphysics of Esse, he was awarded a Ph.D.  The German publishing house, Editiones Scholasticae, published it as a monograph in 2020.

Larry currently teaches the following Upper School philosophy courses: Natural Philosophy (Sophomore core), Metaphysics (Junior core), and the senior capstone course, History of Western Thought (HoWT).  He has previously developed and taught the following elective philosophy courses in the Upper School:  Faith and Reason, Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy – A Survey:  The pre-Socratics through the 20th century.

Larry and his wife, Maura, have a daughter (Anna) and a son (John).

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