Elias King Naegele, '10

Fourth Grade Homeroom

About Elias King

A native Virginian, a lifer, and the third of five Naegele boys to graduate from The Heights, Elias first pursued his love for all things wild to Wyoming following his graduation from the University of Virginia. After a time spent guiding snowmobile and ATV trips in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE), Elias returned eastward, where he taught lower school natural history and middle and upper school math at The Avalon School. Still scratching the interminable itch of the untrodden path, he trekked up the coast, serving as a founding faculty member at Sparhawk Academy. Yet while the ancient Appalachians were never far off, the craggy peaks of the west continued to call, and Elias returned west once again, where he met his beautiful wife and worked as an administrator at both the secondary school and collegiate level.

During the summer, Elias is the Director of Heights Frontiers, an outdoor adventure program, which takes middle and upper school students into the wild hinterlands of the United States. If not readily available, he has likely ditched the pre-packaged life of suburbia for the open road on yet another adventure with his young family and trusty Irish Setter, Rosie.