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Omnibus Players Crest

The Omnibus Players crest is blazoned as follows, in accordance with traditional heraldic terminology:

Upon a lozenge sable, a mask parti per pale, dexter a
mourning visage sable, sinister a jovial face argent;
on the crest a burning flame argent; all supported by
dexter a palette and brushes, sinister a harp, all argent;
at the base a Heights crest and motto, and
a quill and ink of the colors, with the
motto inscribed ‘Omnia Omnibus.’

The different elements of the crest symbolize the different elements of a theatrical production. The central mask represents the paradoxical union of joy and grief as essential aspects of the human experience. The mask also represents mysterious and hidden truth..

The crest has written words as its base, just as plays are based on written language. “Omnia Omnibus,” or “All things to all men,” is St. Paul’s description of the Christian mission here on earth, and also an appropriate motto for an actor, who assumes many disguises in order to touch and inspire all audiences. The palette and the harp respectively represent the visual and the aural aspects of theater. The burning flame upon the top stands for the physical movement that enlivens each performance and makes drama a unique art form. The tongue of fire is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit, the Christian Muse, who inspires each artist with a true and loving vision of human life.

Player Highlight

Current Cavalier Award Winner

Gabriel Ridout


Past Cavalier Award Winners

Caleb Pelletier


Joe Blumenauer