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“Why am I Here?”: On Giving Boys Purpose Through Professionalism


From the Forum

Praise and Affirmation without Flattery

Praise and Affirmation without Flattery

Heights Teacher and Mentor, Alex Berthe, discusses the importance of proper praise in the moral development of boys. Our culture tends towards two extremes: we are either overly critical, or excessively flattering. Alex helps us walk the mean as we guide our sons to a solid confidence in our love for them, and in their rock solid understanding of their identity as sons of God.

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Forming Men of Faith

Forming Men of Faith

A live Q&A webinar with Alvaro de Vicente will be held on March 20, 8:30pm EST. To register to join, click here.

As a community of believing parents and teachers, passing the Faith on to our sons is mission essential. Heights Headmaster, Alvaro de Vicente, discusses how parents and teachers can model, explain, facilitate, and support the faith of our fathers in the next generation.

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The Strategic Enterprise of Upper School Study, a.k.a. “Homework”

The Strategic Enterprise of Upper School Study, a.k.a. “Homework”

This week we feature an interview from a past episode of HeightsCast: Join two Freshman Core teachers, Gerard Babendreier and Joe Cardenas, for a discussion about how high schoolers should approach their study. To simply call this homework is an unfortunate oversimplification.

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