This play was not a quick process. The true beginning was in my Sophomore year, when I wrote a one-act play called The Act Macabre. We did a line-through for it over Zoom. It was atrocious. Still, I kept writing and stories slowly began to take form. Meprises is a play over a year in the making. I was particularly interested in the archetype of Napoleon, a character deeply rooted in literature, and the way he would look at the world. How would he see himself? His successes? His failures? What do we see when we hold the mirror up? It has been a lengthy journey of writing, edits, rewriting, doing over and doing over again. These things take time. Still, I’m glad I did it and I’m eternally grateful to everyone who helped me along the way; the critics, the readers, the parents who tolerated the late-night keyboard clacking, and most of all, the audience. I hope you enjoy the show.

– Michael Kish, Playwright