The Talk and Beyond: Raising Children in a Confused Culture

Upper School Head Michael Moynihan discusses his most recent book "The Talk and Beyond: Raising Children in a Confused Culture."

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It is not easy to raise children today. Parents worry about the confusing messages that children are picking up and wonder how they can help their children grow up with the freedom to live out their vocations, to make commitments that are in sync with God’s plan for human love, marriage and family life. Parents want their children to be truly happy but see in the fruits of the so-called “sexual revolution” challenges and obstacles unlike what they faced when growing up.

Upper School Head Michael Moynihan addresses this topic with wisdom, perspective and an optimistic spirit. How did we get here and what can we as parents do? Michael has a wealth of experience as the father of eleven children and an educator who has delved deeply into the intellectual roots of the cultural challenges we face. Come away with confidence that we parents, with God’s help, are more than up for the challenge of raising children today.

This talk will occur on Saturday, May 20, at The Heights School. Doors will open at 7:30pm, refreshments will be served and the lecture will begin at 8:00pm.