Heights Lecture Series: “Will He Be Happy?” Fostering Gratitude in a Fast Paced World

Doors at 8:00pm, lecture at 8:30pm. The third of The Heights Lecture Series featuring Middle School Head Andy Reed. Our theme for this year's lecture series is: Foundations of the Man Fully Alive.


Doors at 8:00pm, lecture at 8:30pm.

How often does the busyness of life distract us from what matters most? With our children growing up fast, this talk is offered especially for those who are looking to savor their moments together as a family and help their children discover how gratitude is a path to lasting happiness.

Asking how our children can grow in gratitude is much like asking how they can grow in awareness and generosity, since the answer starts with an understanding of human freedom and the contemplative patterns we try to foster within our families. This evening together will be designed to assist and encourage parents as they deepen their intentions to focus on the blessings of family life, create contemplative families, and develop bright and cheerful homes.