Building a Relationship of Confidence with our Sons

Join us for a one-day conference for fathers.


Join us for a one-day conference for fathers.

As dads, we are eager for our boys to grow into fearless, confident men — into men who are truly free and totally alive.

We also have a natural intuition that this confidence is facilitated by our sons’ confidence in us. Accordingly, we want our sons to solicit our counsel, to bring us their mistakes, to increasingly seek our friendship as they mature into manhood. We can’t wait to stop the managing and start the mentoring.

The good in such a relationship is self-evident. The obstacles are abundant and well known by fathers raising sons today.

Yet, this relationship is possible no less now than it ever has been. And it is as rewarding and gratifying as it sounds.

Spend a day at The Heights studying, reflecting upon, and discussing the beautiful bond we are called to form with our boys.

Topics for discussion:

  • How can we set the stage, when our sons are young, for a relationship of trust when they enter their adolescent years?
  • How does our physical, mental, and emotional presence relate to our boys’ confidence in themselves, and in their confiding in us? And how can we, as dads in a busy town, make this presence a reality?
  • How should paternal authority evolve as our boys go from childhood, to boyhood, to youth?
  • When our boys reach their final years under our roof, how should we see ourselves? Disciplinarian? Authority? Coach? Friend?