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SCI 385/386


  • Course ID:SCI 385/386
  • Semesters:2
  • Department:Physics
  • Teachers:David Maxham

Description and Objectives

This is an introductory algebra-based Physics course that will focus on giving students a greater and deeper sense of comfort with and understanding of the physical world with numerical and conceptual precision, while also increasing the natural sense of awe and wonder that come with contemplation of the physical world. The topics covered are:

  1. Mechanics
  2. Energy
  3. DC Circuits
  4. Sound and Wave Phenomena


Giancoli Physics

Course Requirements

  • Daily homework must be completed in the notebook, clearly and neatly demonstrating the solution to each question.
  • Students will be given a notebook, in which all notes are to be taken. The notes are ultimately for the student, but will be checked periodically to make sure they are neat and organized.

Successful Students

  • The most successful students participate in class, ask questions about concepts that are unclear, submit assignments on time, work on practice problems in preparation for quizzes and tests, and seek additional help from the teacher as needed.


  • Nothing is more important to the success of the student than the cooperation between parents and teacher. Parents are encouraged to contact me by email or preferably by phone to set up a time to talk.

Additional Resources

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