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SCI 385


  • Course ID:SCI 385
  • Semesters:1: 1
  • Department:Physics
  • Teachers:David Maxham

Description and Objectives

This is an introductory algebra-based Physics course that will focus on giving students a greater and deeper sense of comfort with and understanding of the physical world with numerical and conceptual precision, while also increasing the natural sense of awe and wonder that come with contemplation of the physical world. The topics covered are:

  1. Kinematics
  2. Kinetics
  3. Momentum and Energy
  4. DC Circuits


Giancoli Physics

Course Requirements

Students should bring their notebooks, books, and something with which to write. Although not required, many students will find having a scientific calculator to be a useful aid.

There are three areas of evaluation, with each being worth roughly 1/3 of the quarter grade. :

Class participation: 1 percentage point/day

Homework: 1 percentage point/day

Tests: the remaining percentage points.

Successful Students

The grading categories above are a template for student success.

1) Pay careful attention and actively participate in class

2) Give the homework an honest and diligent effort.

3) Perform well on tests through doing the above, along with additional preparation one or two days before a test

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