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Elementary Spanish

SPAN 121/122

Elementary Spanish

  • Course ID:SPAN 121/122
  • Semesters:2
  • Department:Spanish
  • Teachers:Michael Cheely

Description and Objectives

The goal of this course is to develop the students’ communicative skills in Spanish. The specific objective is to bring students to the point where they can “get around” in Spanish: being able to communicate with monolingual native speakers, read basic texts with some use of a dictionary, and know enough Spanish to continue improving on their own.


  • Merriam-Webster’s Spanish-English Pocket Dictionary. ISBN 978-0-87779-519-3
  • Curso Primero: Workbook for a First Course in Spanish, Second Edition
  • La Gran Aventura de Alejandro. ISBN 978-0-87720-135-9
  • Various student selected texts from the school library

Course Requirements

This course is a beginner’s course intended for students who have not been exposed to the language or have a a very poor foundation.

Successful Students

  • Engage eagerly in classroom activities (without fear of making mistakes)
  • Bring their notebook and Spanish-English Dictionary to every class
  • Work diligently to complete homework assignments and prepare for quizzes and tests
  • When absent, contact classmates to learn what was missed
  • Seek out opportunities to continue practicing Spanish outside of class
  • Email Mr. Cheely and come find him outside of class to get questions answered

Additional Resources

Students will develop their communication skills in various real and simulated contexts: the classroom, the home, leisure activities (sports, etc), introductions to new people, professional situations, transportation, travel to new places, discussing health and opinions, meals, shopping, telling stories and relating memories, etc.