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LATIN 546 (Not currently offered)

(Not currently offered)

  • Course ID:LATIN 546
  • Semesters:1
  • Department:Classics
  • Course Rank:Honors
  • Teachers:Finn Mehigan

Description and Objectives

One of the Four Latin Doctors of the Church, Augustine was not always the great bishop whose sermons, letters, and philosophical treatises could fill a library: he began his career as a grammaticus and a rhetor, and was renowned in the Roman Empire as one of its finest writers and teachers.

As a saintly bishop in the 5th century, he composed the world’s first great autobiography, The Confessions.

In this course we will review methods of foreign language acquisition, as well as read substantial parts of his major and lesser works.


There is not one textbook for this class; rather the instructor will distribute all materials as necessary.


Course Requirements

Students are expected to come to class everyday ready to translate and discuss the given work that we are currently reading, as well as to seriously engage with the class review deck (which will solidify his Latin vocabulary and grammar)

Successful Students

  • study Latin at least fifteen solid minutes every day of the week, (that means tunnel vision from 0–15, no distractions, no touching or looking at a phone, not even a bathroom break
  • re-translate, as soon as possible, on the same day, what we have translated together in class, to consolidate and firmly establish new knowledge,
  • seek extra help outside of class, not only from the instructor, who is available before/after school every day, but also from classmates.
  • do synopses and DANS


Additional Resources

Latin DAN

Latin Verb Synopsis

Dickinson College Latin Vocabulary List

• Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar

° a PDF of this and many other useful Latin and Greek language learning texts can be found at

° Digitized version hosted by Tufts University’s Perseus website here

Logeion online Latin and Greek dictionaries