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Master Builders – LEGO Club

Master Builders unite!

Master Builders – LEGO Club

  • Grade level:3-12
  • Meeting Times:Wednesdays at 12:10 pm
  • Location:Old Log Cabin, Room H, in the Valley
  • Advisors:Eric Heil

Club Mission

The Master Builders LEGO Club is all about fun. We build LEGO masterpieces and enjoy each other’s company. Thanks to the generous donations of multiple families, we are well equipped with several bins full of LEGO pieces and sets.

Events & Topics

If you maintain a passion for building as you get older, you may be interested in the upper school Robotics Club. Currently the Master Builders LEGO Club does not have any special events or competitions. We simply do our thing on Wednesdays during recess.

Skills & Benefits

Master Builders will engage their imagination while honing communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills.