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Classics Club

A club for students interested in Greek and Roman culture

Classics Club

  • Grade level:7-12
  • Meeting Times:Wednesdays at 12:50 pm
  • Location:Room 22
  • Seasons:September - April
  • Notice:Club meets every other Wednesday.
  • Advisors:Justin Myers

Club Mission

The Heights Classics Club is an official member of the Maryland Junior Classical League.

The mission of The Heights Classics Club is to foster a deep understanding of the Latin language and an appreciation for Greek and Roman history, literature, and art. The main focus of the club is the preparation for and participation in local Latin competitions called “certamina”. We sometimes take field trips to the Walters Gallery in Baltimore and other art galleries to see special exhibitions from the ancient world when they come to town. In addition, we often participate in the Maryland State Classics Convention in April.

Events & Topics

Standard Certamen Schedule:

  • Opening Certamen – November
  • Saturnalia Certamen at Montgomery Blair – December
  • Lupercalia Certamen at Gilman – February
  • State Convention – April

Skills & Benefits

The student who joins the Classics Club generally sees a significant improvement in his Latin grade. He will also sharpen his ability to think quickly by competing in the Jeopardy-style contests which are focused on the Latin language and Roman history, mythology, and culture.