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Car Club

Car Club

  • Grade level:8-12
  • Meeting Times:Fridays at 3:20 pm
  • Location:Weight Room Parking Lot
  • Seasons:All year
  • Advisors:Andrew Acevedo

Club Mission

  • To teach students how cars work, and how to take care of them.
  • To teach good driving practices and techniques.
  • To teach simple routine maintenance procedures and how to accomplish more complex repairs.
  • To teach about the laws of the road.
  • To teach students about recent advances in automotive technology.

Events & Topics

Most club meetings consist of a car repair shop session.  Repairs are performed on students’ cars or other donor cars.  Tire changes, brake changes, oil changes, tuneups are routinely completed.  Sometimes shocks, belts, or batteries are replaced.  Fluid checks, winterizing and other routine maintenance is accomplished. Students work on their own or donor cars and actually perform needed maintenance and repairs, learning from the hands-on experience.

Next Meeting:  Friday September 22 at 2:30 pm.   We will be doing an oil change, replacing headlights, polishing headlights and working on a power steering leak.


Skills & Benefits

Students learn basic tool handling techniques, how their cars work, diagnostics and repair.   By participating in club shop sessions and  meetings, students gain competence in the operation and maintenance of their cars.

Additional Resources

Many students bring their own cars, but this is not required. Students help each other learn and perform needed maintenance on donor cars too.