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  • Weeks:Aug. 5, 2024
    Aug. 12, 2024
  • Time:3:00 pm-5:00 pm
  • Note:Dan Lively, Athletic Director at The Heights, will oversee the instruction by Joe and Liam Kilner.
  • Cost:$200 per week
  • Grades:3-9
  • Staff:Dan Lively

Wrestling is one of the toughest sports out there! That’s precisely why the formation of Heights men is never really complete without training as a wrestler.

This wrestling camp is designed to afford new wrestlers the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport in all positions and gain confidence on the mat as they prepare to wrestle in middle and high school.

The camp is conveniently scheduled to run from 3:00-5:00, allowing campers from other Heights camps to finish the day strong.

Campers must bring:

1. Wrestling shoes

2. Headgear

3. Water bottle

4. Athletic clothes (shorts and a tight-fitting shirt are ideal)

The Coaches:

Joe Kilner is a senior at the Heights. A nine-year veteran, he placed 3rd in the WCAC this past season.

Liam Kilner is a sophomore at the Heights. Also a nine-year veteran, he placed 2nd in the Marlyand State Tournamentat 136 lbs.