Adam Mazur


About Adam

Adam Mazur is originally from Syracuse, NY.  He studied math and business economics at Potsdam College in New York and years later completed a M. S. in teaching at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY.  In Syracuse he gained public school teaching experience for a few years then a couple years in Greenville , North Carolina with Learning Recovery.  He began working at the Heights School in 2001 – teaching third grade.  In 2011 he was invited to teach in a similar boys’ school in Warsaw, Poland.  He taught English in grades four through ten, and it was a wonderful time spent in his parents’ homeland.  He shared many of our Heights’ mission ideas, such as clans and school pride, and traveled to a few other Polish cities encouraging faculty and parents to believe in our mission. Both headmasters have visited each others’ school, and three Polish students visited the Heights, with more to come in the future.