The Middle School

7th-Grade Elective Registration

Required Courses

Students in seventh grade at The Heights rotate classes and rooms and have a variety of teachers. All seventh-grade students are expected to take the following courses:

  • English, Language Arts, and Latin (all three taught as an extended period, Core class)
  • Math – Regular or Advanced
  • Religion  (optional for non-Catholics)
  • Biology (Human Biology-1 semester and Life Science-1 semester)
  • Lands and Conquests (American History: emphasizing the Civil War and WWII)
  • Physical Education

Students will automatically be registered for all of these courses next year. You can read much more detail about each of these courses on the Middle School Curriculum section of the website. In addition to these courses, please indicate your preferences for the courses for which you have the following options.

The Elective Classes

Band Class

If your son is in the Band and would like to continue with his instrument, please place a check indicating this choice on the next page. If your son is interested in joining the band for the first time or needs an audition, please contact Mr. Patrick Love ( to inquire about this possibility.

Honors Spanish

The Honors Language Program is designed to offer students an additional language course.  All seventh grade students are required to take a daily Latin class as part of their core class block.  Those students who are looking for an additional language opportunity may elect to also take Spanish class on a daily basis.  The advantage of starting Spanish earlier is the opportunity to take Spanish at a more advanced level in our Upper School.  Please note that students who do not begin Spanish in the seventh grade will still be given the full opportunity to take Spanish as a student during their Upper School years, beginning with an introductory course.

Class X (1st Semester) / Art and Drama (2nd Semester)

Class X

Students can elect to take this course as an added resource period that is designed to provide added structure to their efforts. This class will act as a time for students to have some of their various subject work reviewed, a time for faculty to certify that students have a fully completed assignment notebook, and a time when students will be required to study for tests. This opportunity is designed for students who may need extra academic coaching, organization, and time for their work.

Art and Drama

For one quarter, students will be able to develop their artistic abilities using a variety of media and with the help of a talented instructor and an especially low student-teacher ratio. An early emphasis in this course will be placed on sketching and three-dimensional drawings. The next quarter, students will be given the opportunity to be trained in the theatrical arts by Mr. Joe Bissex.